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Juha Lilja

“Sometimes context is more interesting than content. The same object seen in different light might transform itself into something that cannot be turned back.”

Juha Lilja is an international film maker. After spending 14 years abroad, he is now back in Finland. Lilja’s works are mostly in private collections,  but if you are lucky, you can see some at selected restaurants or film festivals.

APN201 is an umbrella that gathers all the projects together. Lilja likes to ask questions about existence, transformation, identity; When does an object become a piece of art? Can something stop being art? Who is the artist? If something is publicly available, can it be hidden?

These question are increasingly topical in the modern era where change is faster than ever. Traditional ways of creating, distributing and consuming art are disappearing. Globalization and technical development has made things easier than ever, but at the same time this easiness of self expression is creating a field of white noise that blurs the image.

When everything can be found online how anything can be found.

Contact: info@apn201.com

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  1. hei. sinäkö päivität tuotta helppox/viina sivua.
    Siinä ei konkurssilista päivity ollenkaan, viimeinen uusi tieto 20.3.

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