Sleep (2023)

Sleep (2023) is a cinematic venture that emerged from a casual conversation about creating a new film. Originally conceived as an 8-hour exploration of the concept of stillness, the idea evolved and transformed into a 5-hour, 21-minute reflection on contemporary screen time habits. The film, shot during the last week of 2023, delves into the immersive experience of mobile phone usage, offering a unique perspective on our digital age.

Capturing the ease with which one can become engrossed in their phone, the film explores the boundary between the virtual and the real. It’s a personal journey, marked by moments of introspection and a touch of fear about the ease with which one can disconnect from the world.

Intriguingly, all the audio in the film is original, a conscious choice to avoid copyrighted material. Every sound, from the ambient tones to the clips from Lilja’s other projects, contributes to the immersive and somewhat unsettling experience.

With a subtle nod to Warhol’s ‘Sleep’ and a personal homage to the 2013 original, Sleep (2023) unfolds as an unexpected exploration, offering viewers a thought-provoking and introspective journey into the ever-evolving landscape of our digital lives.

Video 321 minutes



Dark Room

“We hear faint sounds, we see blurred images. Who are we and who is trying to contact us?”

Dark Room Poster

A family is inside a freestanding room-sized camera obscura by a small lake. They observe the image projected through the pinhole, when suddenly something scares them.

I always try to push boundaries – my own at least. Here the entire film is shot without a lens, just with a pinhole adapter in front of the camera cell. So basically it is a timelapse, but that’s a necessity because of the long exposure times needed. The film name Dark Room means Camera Obscura – which basically is the technique used to produce the images.

In the end the poster almost became more important for the film. All the bogus festivals and awards serve as criticism against the “scam festival industry”. Dark Room became a piece of conceptual art telling the story of something that at the same exists and does not exist. Something where you don’t lie, yet your story is not true either. It’s a testament to the modern times and confusion.

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Cinemaking International Film Festival
Amsterdam Freedom Independent IFF
The Black Panther International Short Film Festival
Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions @ PinewoodStudios
Rohip International Film Festival
8 & Halfilm Awards
21114 – Film fest
Bestlov Film Festival
Onyko Films Awards
Paradise Film Festival
Crown Wood International Film Festival
Ealing Film Festival
Anatolia International Film Festival
Iconic Images Film Festival
Golden Bridge İstanbul Short Film Festival
Savona International Film Event
Beyond Earth Film Festival
The Filmmaker’s Space Film Festival – WINNER, Best Short Experimental
Blackboard International Film Festival – WINNER, Best Experimental Film
Golden Lion International Film Festival (GLIFF) – WINNER, Best Experimental Short Film
Rohip International Film Festival – WINNER, Best International short film
World Indie Film Awards – WINNER, Best Experimental Short
Subathra International Film Festival – WINNER, Special Mention Award, Best International Short Film
Caravan International Film Festival – WINNER, Experimental Films
Sittannavasal International Film Festival – WINNER
Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival – FINALIST
Spring Time International Film Festival – FINALIST
T.I.F.A. – Tietê International Film Awards – FINALIST
Robinson Film Awards (International Film Festival) – SEMI-FINALIST

Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump Poster

Bungee Jump is my latest film. It is an experimental short film, which is inspired by golden age porn films. The strong presence of audio is one of the main themes in this film.

The film will premiere at “Erotikafton” -event in Malmö, Sweden in October.


Ikuturso is a work for Uneton48, 48-hour short film challenge in 2016. It’s a bit different to my other films as it has real dialog and it’s filmed as a mockumentary. I must say that I’m pleased with the outcome. I was not prepared well and when we got the genre, “Blue & White (Finnish) Movie” and the mandatory elements: a scale model, an idealist and famous movie quote, I had no idea on cast, locations etc.

So I started calling around. First night I only reach one friend who happened to be visiting in town. We shot 5 minutes and then had a party. Next day we woke up at noon and started planning next steps. I reached 2 more cast members but they only had about 1½ hours and they lived in another town. Another friend contributed by shooting a scene in United Arab Emirates.

Last day some editing.. and film was delivered a minute before deadline.

The film poses some sarcasm about movie- and other projects in Finland, which had a lot of hype but failed in the end. For example Mannerheim -movie and Sunny Car Center.

Forever Alone



Experimental Forum

MadRID 2017




Forever Alone
Forever Alone

Forever alone is a film that derives it’s name from the famous Internet meme. Originally it was just a song. A lyric that turned into a tune in my head. This tune you can hear in the end of the film.

This music together with the real life frustration with loneliness and the pain of building Ikea furniture contributes to the content of the film.

Only when you try to assemble a double bed from Ikea, you will realize that you want to be forever alone.

Film was part of official selection at Experimental Forum, Los Angeles 2016. It was also screened at Brightside Tavern Short film Fest, and Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park, NJ, USA in 2017. Also preselected to Madrid Art Film Festival 2017.–eJjc



Best Art Fiction FilmBest Director


Haida Gwaii



BSTSFF 2016 Selection Laurel

Brothers is a short film about the different perception of the world around us by children compared to adults. Children’s mind is still a blank canvas with lots of space for imagination, whilst adults have already spoiled it with symbols and meanings.

The film premiered at Haida Gwaii Film Festival 2016 and was also screened at Hang Onto your Shorts Film Festival, Brightside Tavern Film Festival and All Lights India Film Festival. It was also part of Official Selection at Blow Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival in 2016. It was awarded with Best director and Best art fiction film at Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival 2018.

Brothers film poster

Still shot from Brothers short movie