Forever Alone

The song name refers to a popular internet meme whereas the lyrics tell about people in internet forum discussing about reality TV show.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle forever alone

Although one might think such lifestyle as a lonely one, people actually have important relationships with their virtual friends and their social life might be even more active than that of a person who does not spend time in online discussions.

Also for this song I had the melody in my mind for years. Finally I got a person to write the notes down and then I could ask people to do different versions about the song with and without lyrics.

Female a cappella version
Slow version with vocals
Slow with piano and strings
Ambient theme
Instrumental piano
Slow version
Electronic version

A Glass of Amarone

This is a song, which I have had in my mind for a long time. It was just the melody and lyric for the chorus in beginning. The whole idea came from my local Italian restaurant, which I visited often. There was a very cute waitress and I always ordered Amarone wine with my dinner. At some point the waitress brought the glass of Amarone without asking, as soon as I sat in table.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle amarone glass

I never really said anything else to the lady as I was too shy. We just smiled. Originally I got the idea to order Amarone because it was written on the blackboard at the bar. At some time there was a little heart added on that blackboard and I was hoping it was a message from the lady to myself. At some point I did not see the waitress there anymore and I also moved on ordering cheaper wines.

Time passed and once after a failed relationship I was feeling very down. I dressed myself in my best clothes and walked to the restaurant. I sat alone in the table and ordered a glass of Amarone. I started writing the lyrics on the cover of cigarette box. Eventually I ordered more and more, so that in the end I asked if I could just pay the full bottle as it was cheaper than individual glasses.

Over the years I have asked different people to make their own interpretation of the lyric and melody. Here some examples:

A soft version (My favorite)
Summer pop version
Strange soul version
Strange happy version


Helppox logo

Helppox is a concept of a life management service. An system where individual would set parameters about their life choices and the system would guide them through their live following the rules they set themselves. The system for example would help you do your shopping based on your favorite foods and your settings for wanted nutrition levels etc. Everything would be dynamic, so when you want to have some beers at weekend, it would reduce your calorie intake on week days to keep the average on set level.

Helppox would also help manage your personal finance. System knows your income and normal spending profile and if you plan to buy something more expensive, it will give you options how to save the money or how using credit would affect your finances.

The concept of Helppox is quite wide and it would be possible to make it reality, but so far it only exists in my mind.