Sleep (2023)

Sleep (2023) is a cinematic venture that emerged from a casual conversation about creating a new film. Originally conceived as an 8-hour exploration of the concept of stillness, the idea evolved and transformed into a 5-hour, 21-minute reflection on contemporary screen time habits. The film, shot during the last week of 2023, delves into the immersive experience of mobile phone usage, offering a unique perspective on our digital age.

Capturing the ease with which one can become engrossed in their phone, the film explores the boundary between the virtual and the real. It’s a personal journey, marked by moments of introspection and a touch of fear about the ease with which one can disconnect from the world.

Intriguingly, all the audio in the film is original, a conscious choice to avoid copyrighted material. Every sound, from the ambient tones to the clips from Lilja’s other projects, contributes to the immersive and somewhat unsettling experience.

With a subtle nod to Warhol’s ‘Sleep’ and a personal homage to the 2013 original, Sleep (2023) unfolds as an unexpected exploration, offering viewers a thought-provoking and introspective journey into the ever-evolving landscape of our digital lives.

Video 321 minutes