Sleep (2023)

Sleep (2023) is a cinematic venture that emerged from a casual conversation about creating a new film. Originally conceived as an 8-hour exploration of the concept of stillness, the idea evolved and transformed into a 5-hour, 21-minute reflection on contemporary screen time habits. The film, shot during the last week of 2023, delves into the immersive experience of mobile phone usage, offering a unique perspective on our digital age.

Capturing the ease with which one can become engrossed in their phone, the film explores the boundary between the virtual and the real. It’s a personal journey, marked by moments of introspection and a touch of fear about the ease with which one can disconnect from the world.

Intriguingly, all the audio in the film is original, a conscious choice to avoid copyrighted material. Every sound, from the ambient tones to the clips from Lilja’s other projects, contributes to the immersive and somewhat unsettling experience.

With a subtle nod to Warhol’s ‘Sleep’ and a personal homage to the 2013 original, Sleep (2023) unfolds as an unexpected exploration, offering viewers a thought-provoking and introspective journey into the ever-evolving landscape of our digital lives.

Video 321 minutes



Hidden / Exposed


Hidden / Exposed is a project that is experimenting how Internet can on other hand bring a single image or text into the spotlight and gain huge publicity as on the other hand you can publish hundreds of hours of material that is available, but still not really exposed to public.

In this ongoing project Juha is placing himself as test-subject, exposing parts of his private life in to public, yet still remaining hidden. There is no turning back. When public wants to find the private information, they will – and then the public can not become private again.

The project consist of live and recorded video streams, Youtube channel, Facebook profiles, live surveillance cameras and blogs.

Digital Internet media.



Putinate is a digital work, that consists of animated gif-image and a randomly changing text.

The work reminds the viewer, that despite the times, same rhetoric is re-used in political messages.

The speech contains quotes from Adolf Hitler, Joseph Göbbels, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln etc.

Digital Internet Media